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Wudang 5 Animal Chi Gong

Starts on the 2nd of July  ,8:00am to 9:30am

Location: Prana Yoga  , Heaths Lane, Bathurst NSW 2795, AU

Cost: $90 for 6 week term.

Please call to book as space is limited.



“Chi”: energy, “Gong”: skill or ability developed over time

Xing Shen Zhuang is a gentle set of chi gong exercises that opens up the spine and fascial planes/meridians that begins in the skull and moves down to the spine and the extremities. Consistent regular practice has been known to strengthen internal organs, resolve scoliosis, herniated disks and many other health issues.

Each exercise has many levels of understanding and detail that can be studied on a ongoing basis and find new nuances and degrees of consciousness and relatedness as one becomes more aware and intimate with the body. You start working with large muscles and gradually move on to work with deep layers of muscles, fascia, ligaments and organs as the body begins to open and return to a pliable youthful state.

Wudang 5 Animals Chi gong

Wudang Five Animals Qigong is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve one’s health and longevity.  The movements of this routine are based on the movements of five animals; the dragon, the tiger, the leopard, the snake, and the crane. Each animal movement improves the function of a specific internal organ.  Through dedicated practice,  Five Animals Qigong has the ability to bring balance back to one’s internal organ system. When the internal organs are in balance, the body is able to work at its optimum efficiency, thus improving the overall health and longevity of the practitioner.

 Wudang Five Animals Qigong also opens up the joints, lengthens the tendons, and strengthens the muscles. Furthermore, this ancient exercise improves the functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems as well; this not only allows the body to deliver fresh, oxygen-rich blood to all the extremities of the body but it is also assists with the elimination of deadly toxins. The overall function of Wudang Five Animals Qigong is to the body soft and supple, like that of a child.